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Imports and Exports

Cargo ship at docksideFor EU companies, trade with business partners outside the European Union requires information to be prepared and submitted so that duties and taxes can be calculated and trade statistics can be compiled.  Increasingly, information is also required for other purposes - for example, pre-advice of goods movements for security purposes.

Import / Export declarations

EDI specificationOver the last few years, import and export declarations in Europe have gradually become electronic. The traditional paper "SAD" form has given way to electronic equivalents - either optionally or completely - across most EC Member States.  For example, the move to electronic declarations in the UK (using CHIEF for imports and NES for exports) was completed in 2003, and electronic declarations to Irish Revenue became mandatory from January 2006.  Honeycourt can provide expert knowledge and assistance with the generation of CUSDEC messages and handling of the CUSRES response files.

Export Control System (ECS)

EDI fileAs a precursor to the European Automated Export System (AES), the ECS development now enables indirect exports - those leaving the EU from another Member State - to be handled electronically.

The new electronic export confirmation messages replace the "Travelling Copy 3" form which was formerly stamped by the Office of Exit and returned to the trader as proof of export.  Honeycourt can help with the integration of these confirmation messages, which support the zero-rating of VAT on the export sale.

ECS also handles the "pre-departure" messages required for the EU Safety & Security initiative.  Again, Honeycourt can help to ensure that your business is ready to meet these mandatory requirements.

CAP refunds

EC traders exporting milk, eggs, wheat, rice or sugar, or products containing these as ingredients, can qualify for export refunds under the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) scheme.

CAP Refunds are claimed from the national agency (e.g. the Rural Payments Agency in the UK) via the electronic export declaration, and modifications to your computer system may be required in order to generate the correct Customs Procedure Codes and other data which must be submitted in respect of the claims.  We can provide the know-how.

USA Prior Notice of Imported Foods

Since the end of 2003, it has been necessary to provide "prior notice" to the Foods & Drug Administration (FDA) of all food products being sent to the USA. This notice takes the form of an electronic submission made either directly to the FDA or via the Associated Broker's Interface.

We can help to produce messages in the correct format for transmission, to avoid delays at the USA border.

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