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Services and Solutions

We can assist with all aspects of international trade, but our primary focus is on the technology which supports it.  Importantly, we understand the electronic data transmission requirements which are increasingly becoming an obligatory part of the trading world.  In terms of processes, our offerings span the following two main areas:-

»Trade within the EU

»Imports and Exports

In terms of technology, we are happy to work with products from any vendor, but have particular expertise in SAP software, both ERP and Global Trade Services.

Of course, we'll be equally pleased to talk to you about any other international trade or data requirements.  Our work is generally undertaken on a Time & Material basis, but we will be pleased to provide an indicative quotation on request.  Contact us for more information.

Trade within the EU

EU flagThe European Union has been a single trading area since 1993, but purchases, sales and movements of goods from one member state to another, either for trade or onward export, still require official declarations to be made.  Over the past few years, both the periodic and transactional reporting has moved from paper to electronic media, and Honeycourt is well-placed to assist with these requirements.  Read more...

Imports and Exports

Stack of containersTariffs and quotas can make it difficult enough to be competitive in the international market, but there's no need to reduce the margin even further and add risk by employing agents to make your electronic declarations.

Even if an agent is employed, responsibility for correct declaration remains with the trader, so it's important to get it right.  Whether you're doing standard imports or exports, or have specialist requirements like CAP or IPR, we can help you to produce your own EDI declarations and get it right every time.  Read more...

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